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What is the use of a soot blower?

Remember the classic episodes of Tom & Jerry, where Tom used to blow his face away with a jammed rifle nozzle, or Jerry used to blow himself out of a clogged chimney? While we laughed hilariously at those scenes, we had no idea in our childhood that the same phenomenon of deposition of soot particles in any furnace or boiler would result into poor performance and massive explosions, if not given proper attention in time. Which is why, to prevent us from the fate of Tom and Jerry (or maybe even worse), the soot blower was invented as a lifesaver.
Nowadays, from large scale industries to any high-heat smoke-emitting apparatus, soot blowers parts in India made by us at NTNN have now become an essential for an optimized performance, and for a better fail-safe work environment.

A stitch in time saves nine, and a soot blower makes factory-threats lower

According to the experiences of poppet valve dealers in India, while deposition of soot particles on the surface of chimneys and exhausts seems a very trivial incident, however, with time, this layer of deposition shall thicken, narrowing the orifice of the chimney, reducing the emission of smoke. As the combustion fume gets trapped inside, it thereby deters the overall productions.
Moreover, as the escape passage of the fumes gets blocked gradually, it congests the work area with the toxic gases as well. Hence, an unimportant problem too can cause severe large scale damage, unless treated beforehand by a soot blower.

A solution so simple, and yet so effective

A soot blower can either be operated via automation or can be operated by manual control. Also depending on their mechanisms, a soot blower may either remained fixated at a certain position, or maybe moving and rotating around. High-pressure steam nozzles are used to clean away the soot deposits without causing any damage to the surface.
To break down the deposit and the strong clinging force of soot particles, soot blowers involve a high-temperature blowing system. Collecting plates dealers in India have stated that the scraping of soot particles is either collected on a separate section or blown away along with fumes.
Taking cautionary steps to prevent deposition of soot particles might appear childish to some, but it is guaranteed that the aforementioned soot blower shall be crucial at some point of time, to ensure the manufacturing machineries of the factories remain free from clogged deposits and keep on functioning smoothly.
Tom and Jerry were not wise creatures and thus had made such careless mistakes. We believe that unlike them, we humans will not repeat the same mistakes, and shall implement soot blowers to prevent unfortunate outcomes. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry, isn’t it?

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